Queue Management

See how Linemate enables your customers to join a queue via SMS, email, QR code, or manually.

Queue safety features

Linemate is entirely flexible to your business, offering a range of customisable brand, function, and scaling options.

Queue via SMS

Have your customers text a mobile number to join the queue and be notified when they're ready to shop.

Queue via QR Code

Your customers can scan a QR code to join a queue, and then be notified either via SMS or their browser.

Queue via URL

Your customers can enter a bespoke URL to join the queue, and then be notified either via SMS or their browser.

Manual Queue Entry

For shoppers who are unable to access technology (such as seniors or disabled persons), Linemate enables your staff to manually add them to the queue.

Works When Browser is Closed

If a shopper closes their browser on their phone or tablet, Linemate doesn't forget their place in the queue.

Unique Shopper Codes

Generate unique shopper codes (like a Deli number) for your shoppers.

Prioritise Shoppers

Prioritise shoppers (such as VIP, disabled, elderly, or pregnant).


Linemate is the most cost-effective solution currently on the marketplace.


Customise the branding of your shopper queueing solution.


Linemate is scalable from one store to hundreds of stores, depending on your needs.

We Train your Staff

We provide your FOH and support staff with the training to operate Linemate in your stores.

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